#12: The Dirty Girl Scout

I honestly don’t know why so many cocktails have naughty names.  Maybe it’s to create discomfort when someone orders a drink at a bar.  I can imagine saying “I’ll have a Sex on the Beach” is far more uncomfortable than saying “I’ll have a gin & tonic.”  While I’d throw the “Dirty Girl Scout” in the list of naughty named cocktails, it actually pales in comparison to some of the ones on this list compiled by Sublime99.  I’d share some of these names but I’d fear my fingertips would blush trying to type some of them.

I chose to feature the Dirty Girl Scout this week because I was attending a St. Patrick’s Day party recently and wanted to drink something festive.  My brother sent me a book of the best Irish Drinks and I searched for a cocktail made with ingredients on hand.  The Dirty Girl Scout is made with Bailey’s Irish Creme so I guess it technically counts as an Irish cocktail.  Anyway, we celebrated the Celtic holiday with a round of these.

The Dirty Girl Scout is definitely a little boozy and sweet.  Besides Bailey’s Irish Creme, the drink is made with equal parts vodka, Kahlua and creme de menthe.  The Dirty Girl Scout tastes kind of like a Thin Mint cookie soaked in vodka.  While it’s not a horrible combination, I doubt I could spend an evening drinking a bunch of these.  I had one to celebrate my friends of Irish heritage and then moved on. Kind of like a snake leaving the Emerald Isle, I moved on to other drinks that night.

Dirty Girl Scout

equal parts Bailey’s Irish creme, Khalua, vodka and creme de menthe

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